Bradley Laurent
Selfportrait  | Polaroid

Bradley Laurent, a versatile photographer and artist based in Los Angeles, is known for his diverse portfolio that spans fashion, editorial, film stills, and street photography. Currently, he is working on a project that captures the essence of various Hollywood subcultures through instant film and his distinctive artistic vision, immortalizing the creative individuals who inhabit these unique worlds.

Laurent’s art is characterized by the seamless fusion of traditional techniques and innovative ideas, where nature and technology intertwine throughout the creative process. Examples of his work include a living dress crafted from seeds and preserved on repurposed sheet metal, and a striking gown made entirely of 800 plastic straws, showcasing post-punk couture on a disillusioned fashion model. His ability to blend the old and the new adds a captivating depth to his creations.

Bradley’s large-scale raster images also leave a lasting impression on viewers, providing an overwhelming sense of instant fame when paired with the unsuspecting subjects that inspired them. His imaginative approach to photography and art consistently pushes boundaries, inviting audiences to explore and appreciate the world through his unique lens.